Becoming a Vegan – Welcome!

How one changes over to a plant based diet is different for everyone, for me it was cold turkey. (no pun intended) For others it might be just as easy as it was for me and then are those that need to do it step by step.

If you are the ‘cold turkey’ type it is helpful to get rid of those foods that are not vegan. When I switched to eating vegan I took most of the non vegan ingredients that I had in my refrigerator and I prepared a few meals. I then filled them into containers and placed them into the freezer for when I had company that preferred ‘regular eats’. Meats and fish already in the freezer is no problem as you can prepare those as needed for company.

You may also offer some of your unwanted foods to a local soup kitchen. Most will accept them if they are in the original packages.

For those that will make the change one step at the time I recommend to start with one vegan meal a day. So today you might have breakfast that is vegan, and tomorrow it is dinner or lunch.

This is a great way to eat up those foods that are not plant based, and soon you will be switched over to a total plant based diet without a problem.

It is also important to be aware of the why you are changing over to a plant based diet. If your reasons are for future health then it is okay to do it one step in time. However, if you are ill, and getting well again is your reason to switch to a plant based diet, then I recommend that your switch is done at a quicker pace.

In this case the following steps are usually in order:
Step 1 would be to detoxify and cleanse your body. Once that has been accomplished
light meals and juicing is recommended. All non-plant food should be abolished at once.

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